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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Know If I Need A Wedding Planner? 


EVERYONE NEEDS A WEDDING PLANNER!! Sorry to scream at you like that, but one of the best decisions you'll ever make is hiring a planner.  Why? ]If you don't have a planner  you will be stressed, overwhelmed, and counting the days until its all over and we can't have that! Let us help you 

What is the Appropriate Budget For a Wedding? 

While there is no such thing as the  "appropriate" budget, a bigger buddget will allow for more flexibility in terms of how many guests you can invite, the venue you select, etc. But no matter your budget, we can still help your 'dream' come true. 

Do You Travel? 

Do we?!?! We are ALWAYS in the mood to explore! Let us know where we can serve you whether it be domestic or international. Destinations by Dillard anyone? 

When Should The Planning Start? 

6-12 months is usually depending on the size of the event. However, the earlier you start the planning the better,  even if your event is three years out. 

Is There a Such Thing As Too Many Guests? 

This is completely up to you! Please note that a bigger guest count will require a bigger budget due to making sure your event is big enough to host everyone and making sure everyone is fed.

If you are a less is more kind of person, a smaller guest count will allow more intimacy. Please keep in mind that inviting less guests does not always come out "cheaper", but you are able to invest more into say your stationary, band, decor, etc. 

Ask us how we can help you make sure your budget is appropriate for your guest count 

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